In the name of freedom

It is time for us to stand up for what we believe in! how many more lives should be taken away? how many tortured souls must lose faith in humanity just because war amongst us exists? how many more innocent children must suffer to the fate of losing their lives or families? how many more? I dare tell you how many. Millions and millions more shall die if we do not stand up to this tyranny and oppression. We as a society must be unified in a stronger bond. Pity. For a moment I thought I saw humanity, but sadly that is not it.

Society wake up! people are being murdered, innocent children are losing their lives and men and women around the globe are either being raped or traumatised for life, to anyone who shall close their eyes to evil, is evil themselves. It is a terrible thing to wake up everyday and to hear horrific news being played in the television, and sit there not doing anything, but enough is enough. War, after war, after war. When will it end? Certainly not tomorrow, or next week. So that is the question, when will it all end, will it ever end?

Your minds are being spoon fed wrong information. The real war isn’t between countries, it’s between people who can’t accept others opinions and their freedom. We all want the same thing, so why can’t we fight to make it happen?



It is somewhat sad to realize that us humans have gotten so good at destroying things, that we seem to enjoy destroying ourselves. 

Are we not satisfied with what is bestowed upon us? Or are we simply broken and lost creatures upon this universe with little faith upon ourselves but a lot of curious thoughts running through our minds? Why do we find satisfaction on breaking ourselves and others, why must we attach ourselves to things that do not exist in this universe, why must we simply feel as if we are only specks of dust compared to this large and lonely world! Why can’t we just find serenity and tranquility in one another? We have a lot of questions, but very little answers, astonishing isn’t it? How far we’ve come but yet how little we’ve conquered. 

“We are broken, but we find peace in one another. We are sad, but we seem to find happiness in the things that we love the most. We are who we are, just for the sake of keeping one another sane enough to live through this cruel world”

What a beautiful world this is, but only the saddest people will ever understand how beautiful but yet a broken world it truly is.